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Book: The Modern Game

The website has been breathing for five years now. It has been featured in The Guardian, message boards and scholarly articles. On a personal level I have gained my degree...


How Modern Day Football Emerged

By all appearances Prescot is just one decent length road with some shops and banks on either side. It actually has a bit more going for it than you’d first...

In an exciting tribute to globalisation, Ryan Tank tactically analyses Spaniard Sergio Ramos' midfield appearence in Indonesian for an English-reader website.

(Credit Image: ?Mutsu Kawamori/AFLO/ZUMA Wire)

Posisi dan Peran Tidak Biasa Sergio Ramos

  Mungkin salah satu aspek taktik yang paling mengejutkan dari pertandingan ini adalah, posisi dan peran Sergio Ramos yang sangat tidak biasa.   Sebagai konsekuensi dari absennya Luka Modric, Gareth...


Tacticians: Adin Osmanbasic

It’s quite difficult to actually pinpoint when it started, it could, perhaps, have arrived years ago, though the introduction of social media has probably elevated it to a scale where...

Laura Bradburn discusses the representation of European clubs domestically

Guest: the representation of European clubs, domestically.

English Teams Crash Out – Does It Really Mean The Premier League Is Failing? Look around multiple British and, indeed, European media outlets and you’ll find numerous sources lamenting the...


Conversation with an International Head Coach

What exactly is the role of an international head coach? Luc Holtz of Luxembourg tells us, and gives his advice for young aspiring coaches. In Britain it is a punishing venture...


100 blogs to follow in 2015

Back in 2010 football blogging really took off thanks to the ascendancy of social media, gifting writers from all over the world with a new-found audience eager to educate themselves on...

Andre Villas-Boas with star striker Falcao, 2011.

The Royal Blue Path to Success

Wherever he may be now, upon you reading this, and whatever struggles he may be facing, you most remember that in 2011, Andre Villas-Boas was the most in demand manager...

Taken from TagesWoche - 2014

FC Basel’s Business Model

As we enter a new-era of football in regards to economic sustainability and evolving tactical trends, boards face a difficult task maintaining the brand image of the club, appeasing fans...

The Perfect Politician

The modern captain is much more than a leader of men. He has a responsibility to correspond to the public the general affairs of his players through weekly media interviews....


Partnership news.

We are delighted to announce a link with the popular Danish magazine, Sport Executive. They write exlusively about sports and society and the complex relationship between the two, including, for...


Wenger and Monaco

Remembering Monaco under Wenger in the late 80′s and early 90′s The beauty of the French Riviera truly must be visited and appreciated by all. Yachts float lazily under the...

Gareth Flitcroft ponders the involvement of footballing minnows in direct qualification, using San Marino, Lichtenstein, Iceland and previously, Turkey as key examples.

Saving The Minnows

No doubt, Jon Champion’s commentary notes last week would have included such anecdotes as the historic 2004 victory over Liechtenstein or Davide Gualtieri’s 7 second goal in Bologna, and maybe,...

The original prototype

The Rise of Icelandic Football

It was quite surreal at first, having 24 hour daylight, but that’s just how it is there during the summer months. The sun would simply drop down to the horizon...

Kfar Kassem ( كفر قاسم) fans, Arab supporters of the local team, and their Hebrew graffiti: "Kfar Kassem is in my heart"

Israeli Palestinian Unified Fandom.

The inescapable news at present involves the complex continuation of fighting over Gaza between Israel and Palestine. It is difficult to fully comprehend the situation due to the varying levels...

Omonoia fans displaying ‘Hammer and Sickle’ symbol.

Understanding the Political Divide in Cypriot Football

This article focuses on the political situation in Cyprus with sole regards to football. Rather than trying to explain and regurgitate literature on an extremely complex political issue, it would...


Why hate Gerrard? The last breath of fresh air.

Only a handful of men are as representative of their clubs. Maldini grew up supporting Juventus. Baresi was from Brescia. Giggs’ isn’t Manc, Raul came through at Atletico and Cruyff...


Tony Carr versus the Hipster

*Before proceeding, it is important that the reader gains an understanding of the hipster in question. Hipsters come in many variations – they can follow hip teams and idols and...


Protected: The Bible, Socialism and Football

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Arsenal pic

Capitalising on Player Potential – The Myth of Moneyball in Football

*All data collected is based on a 10 year period – 2003/04 to 2013/14 – unless specified otherwise* ‘Moneyball’ is a term which refers to the strategic, analytical approach of...


A working class hero

The Milanese love Baresi. He epitomised the club during his playing days with his elegance, class and longevity, not to mention his distaste for all things Internazionale. In a recent interview...

David Moyes

Moyes and Germany, the perfect match.

“I always had the hope of being a coach abroad, If I had the choice I would probably go to Germany. In part because of the mentality, which is similar...


Contemporary Midfield Trio

The central midfielder is the heartbeat of the team. He epitomises the style of play which you will expect from the players around him; for example, when Stoke City were...


A Biography of Bobby Robson

by @ThomasHall7 Bobby Robson was a man who was loved by all within the footballing world and widely respected as a professional. A football career which spanned over 50 years...


Capello’s Roman Success (2001)

When Roma fans watched Lazio parade the Scudetto in April 2000, few of them would of predicted that they themselves would mirror the achievement of their city rivals in 1 short year....


John Terry’s void

Following the recent injury to John Terry, Chelsea suddenly seem to lack depth in defence. Obviously Cahill and Luiz will be AVB’s first port of call (as similar as they...


Top 10: Player’s who have still got it

There are some players who didn’t quite make the list, one of the most notable players not to make my top 10 is Thierry Henry. The reasons for excluding Henry...

zambian players

Zambia’s Pride

Its the eve of the 2012 African Cup of Nations final and I believe now is a fitting time as ever to re-tell the story of the 1993 plane crash...

cruyff feyenoord

Cruyff’s Feyenoord Affair

It’s almost a forgotten part of the man’s career, shushed by almost all involved. Johan Cruyff is almost synonymous with Ajax. It’s difficult to think of an Ajax before him or after...


An Irish Lazio Fan

Early in January 2012 we conducted an interesting interview with our prime Lazio fan, the Irishman Sean Rainey. Enjoy Tell us about a bit about yourself I’m Sean, a graphic...

Great Quotes

Great Quotes

Great men have gone through great experiences to offer a list of great quotes which can all relate to the beautiful game. The following quotes relate to psychology, confidence, tactics...


Albert Batteux

France, as a nation, is famed for its culture, beauty and effortless style. The nation is almost synonymous with European football and it would be melancholy to think of one without the other....


Carlos Bianchi

Boca Juniors are recognised for having one of the best youth academies in world football. It is to be beleived that there is more than 350 Boca graduates plying their trade...


Matt Busby

The man responsible for forging Manchester United into the empire as we know it today, spent his playing career at their biggest rivals. Matt Busby played 226 times for Manchester...

Underrated Players

Underrated Players

They were always there, in the background going about their business. For every superstar who has collected his honours and received all his plaudits, there has been a man who...

Bio: Rinus Michels

Bio: Rinus Michels

There’s that period in your ownership of a pet, when you decide to let it off its lead, let it out on its own in the hope of God that...

Zvonimir Boban: A Living Martyr

Zvonimir Boban: A Living Martyr

Midfielder, Champions League winner, and credited with helping to fuel the revolutionary war which led to the demise of Yugoslavia. Imotski, Croatia, near the Bosnian border was the birthplace of...

Bio: Most Underrated Player of Recent Times.

Bio: Most Underrated Player of Recent Times.

I’m talking about a man who has been capped 62 times for England (that’s more than Gazza, Trevor Brooking, Glenn Hoddle & Ray Clemence). A man to play for his country in 3...


Internazionale Of Old & A Future Resurgance

I am one of the many who looks back at Italian football in the 90′s with nostalgia. Every Sunday I would wait in anguish for Football Italia to come on my TV...

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